BREAKING: Media Catches Tiffany Trump Looking at Harvard… Imagine How Ticked Her Profs Would Be


Tiffany Trump, daughter of President-elect Donald Trump, wants to be known as more than just “the other sister.”

She’s not joining the family business just yet, but her plans will certainly make headlines. Tiffany, just 23, has been spotted at Harvard Law School, the International Business Times reported.

She is the only child of Trump and second wife Marla Maples. Like her father and older half-sister Ivanka, Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, according to Politico.

Tiffany toured Harvard Law on Tuesday. Tall, blonde, beautiful — and followed by her Secret Service detail — the fourth of Trump’s five children was hard to miss.

Donald Trump has long been an admirer of Harvard, but they don’t return the sentiment. The Harvard Republican Club, which bills itself as “the oldest college Republican organization in the nation,” has refused to endorse and support our incoming president.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound very Republican to me.

The three older Trump children work in the family business. According to a Time Magazine article from August 2015, Don Jr. manages the existing property portfolio, Ivanka oversees the family’s hotels and Eric manages the family’s golf assets — although some of that is likely changing as the president-elect has pulled away from managing his business empire.

In July, recent college graduate Tiffany found herself speaking to the world on the second night of the 2016 Republican National Convention. She made it clear that she was unaccustomed to public speaking and had never imagined herself in such an arena, addressing an extended audience of 10 million viewers.

Nevertheless, she was polished and articulate and held her own with the speech. Talk about rising to the occasion.

It sounds like the Trumps will have an attorney to add to the executive suite someday. Definitely more than “other sister” material.

The bonus? The Harvard liberals will have to know that Daddy’s money is helping to pay their salaries. Sweet.

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