BREAKING: Massive Michigan Recount News… Federal Judge Effectively Ends Recount


For the past two weeks the nation has been watching the recount efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin closely — efforts spearhead by former Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

But finally, the recount effort in Michigan has been officially declared dead … and it’s about time.

On Wednesday night, Judge Mark Goldsmith effectively killed Stein’s agenda when he rescinded his decision to have the ballots recounted, The Associated Press reported.

Goldsmith sided with those who argued that Stein was not an “aggrieved” candidate, as she came in fourth place, with 1 percent of the vote, and therefore stood no chance of actually benefiting from the recount effort.

Also on Wednesday, the Michigan elections board said that if Goldsmith rescinded his Monday night order requiring the recount, it would cease its efforts to comply with that order, ending the recount.

Stein’s avenues for complaining weren’t completely closed yet, unfortunately. Stein was reportedly planning to file an appeal with the State Supreme Court, though it was considered unlikely that that would change anything.

Fox News noted that the recount efforts in Pennsylvania could be decided on Friday, as that was the date for the court case to determine if the statewide recount should go forward.

Those who were cheering the Michigan judge’s decision were citing how much money the taxpayers would save by cancelling the recount, CNN reported.

It was unclear what Stein was going to do with the nearly $7 million she raised for the recount effort now that Michigan has been effectively taken off the table — but somehow we doubt she will simply return it to everyone who donated.

Stein’s little publicity stun has cost millions and divided the country even further. What we need right now is to come together, not bicker over a ridiculous recount that everyone knows will change absolutely nothing.

Hopefully on Friday the issue of the recount in Pennsylvania can be resolved, and the Wisconsin recount will finish quickly and quietly … and then President-elect Donald Trump can get back to uniting America.

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