BREAKING: Judiciary Committee Approves Jeff Sessions Nomination

Judiciary Committee Approves Jeff Sessions Nomination

Sen. Jeff Sessions has officially moved one step closer to becoming our country’s next attorney general, as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Feb. 1 to confirm him.

The vote, an 11-to-9 party-line split, was originally slated to take place Tuesday, but Senate Democrats blocked it in an apparent protest against the Alabama senator.

However, the Dems couldn’t abstain from voting forever, and the positive outcome meant that Sessions’ confirmation will now head to the Senate floor where his Republican colleagues were expected to approve him, Yellowhammer News reported.

Liberals have not been thrilled about President Donald Trump’s pick to fill the nation’s highest law enforcement office, and the president’s recent executive order halting the immigration of people from certain high-risk countries sent them further into their frenzy.

In fact, the American Civil Liberties Union reportedly called for Democrats to protest Trump’s nominations until the controversial executive order was dismissed.

“We’ve got Jeff Sessions, who we’re told was involved somehow in the drafting of these executive orders,” ACLU political director Faiz Shakir said. “If they want to press this through, say: ‘You don’t get an attorney general until you overturn the Muslim ban.’”

Sessions, however, has denied any involvement in the drafting of the controversial order.

“Neither I, nor any of my current staff, had such a role,” he said in a written response to critics on Monday.

Fortunately the Alabama senator has enjoyed the staunch support of his Republican colleagues and of conservatives across the country who believe he was an excellent choice.

“He knows the department better than any nominee for attorney general, he’s a man of his word, and most importantly he will enforce the law no matter whether he would have supported that law as a member of the Senate,” Sen. Chuck Grassley said.

Republicans need only a majority to approve him when the vote takes place in the Senate, and because they currently control 52 of the Senate’s 100 seats, Sessions will likely be confirmed by the end of the week, according to The Washington Post.

With the Justice Department in upheaval after eight years of President Barack Obama’s inability to enforce law and order, Sessions will be a welcome change.

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