BREAKING: Jewish Home Depot Founder Issues Massive Statement Supporting Trump, Bannon


The liberal media have had a field day attempting to smear Steve Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for chief strategist, claiming he is an anti-Semite and a white supremacist.

But that’s what the mainstream media had to said about Bannon. The Republican Jewish Coalition said something quite different.

Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot, who happens to be Jewish, defended Bannon against those charges, saying that the accusations Democrats have hurled at the Breitbart News chairman were appalling.

“I have been shocked and saddened to see the recent personal attacks on Steve. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Marcus said in a statement released by the RJC on Twitter.

Marcus went on to say that the person being demonized by the media is not the man he knows.

He added that the attacks were simply an attempt to undermine Trump’s administration.

Marcus added that Bannon was a “passionate Zionist and supporter of Israel” who felt so strongly about the Jewish state that he “opened a Breitbart office in Israel to ensure that the true pro-Israel story would get out.”

You can see his statement here:

It’s fairly obvious that no Jew in his right mind would support an anti-Semite.

So this brings us to making a choice regarding whom to believe about Bannon. Do we believe the mainstream media, proven mouthpieces for the Democrat Party and no friends of the truth, or do we believe a man who knows and has worked with Bannon enough to make such a statement with confidence?

We all know the answer to that question.

The mainstream media did their best to destroy Trump‘s campaign, and they will not stop attacking him and his choices now that he won the election. In fact, they will no doubt ratchet up their attacks, because that’s how they operate.

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