BREAKING: James Dobson Just Took on Establishment Hacks With Scorching Announcement


Ohio Gov. John Kasich, one of the establishment favorites in the 2016 Republican primaries, infuriated conservatives when he vetoed the so-called “Heartbeat Bill.”

According to CNN, while Kasich signed into law a bill banning abortions in Ohio after 20 weeks, he rejected a measure that would have banned abortions after a heartbeat was present in the fetus — six weeks.

Now, Dr. James Dobson — founder of Focus on the Family and a popular Christian radio personality — has lashed out at the establishment favorite with a strongly worded statement condemning the governor.

“I want to congratulate the Ohio legislature for passing the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ and I commend their commitment to protecting the constitutional rights of the unborn,” Dobson began.

“Now, I join with millions of evangelicals and Catholics in condemning Gov. John Kasich’s veto of the bill. This was a cowardly and shameful action. Signing the bill would have been the constitutionally correct thing to do; it would have also been morally correct to do. Gov. Kasich has sent a message to voters in Ohio — and across the nation — that the governor isn’t as committed to life as he professes to be.”

Dobson lamented the veto, arguing that it would have been a major step in stopping the horrors of the abortion industry.

“For decades, we have fought for the rights of the unborn. We have not grown weary, we have never lost faith, and now there is a growing movement to finally reject the barbarism of abortion and to fully protect the rights of the unborn,” Dobson continued.

“This bill was an important step in that direction, and we mustn’t be silent in response to the governor’s action,” he added. “This is the time to redouble all of our efforts nationwide until we will finally, fully win our fight for the rights of our nation’s unborn children.”

Kasich has rarely struck anyone as a man of conviction — unless that conviction is standing for his own election, in which case he has it in spades — which makes appealing to his sense of right and wrong a bit problematic.

However, pro-life conservatives can put the pressure on Gov. Kasich. If he refuses to do the morally correct thing, as Dr. Dobson says, out of conviction, we can certainly make it uncomfortable enough for Kasich that he does it out of expediency.

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