BREAKING: GOP Flaking… Some Want to End Obamacare Entitlement But KEEP Taxes!


Congressional Republicans have shown interest in delaying the repeal of some Obamacare taxes because the revenue accrued from these expensive levies could help fund any future replacement health care measures.

“Members are still reviewing all options on the table, and no decisions have been finalized about how we will smoothly transition away from this failing law and toward reforms that deliver affordable, quality, health care choices based on what patients and families need,” an unnamed House GOP aide told The Hill.

In other words, some Obamacare taxes might be repealed — but they might not. Nobody knew for certain how congressional Republicans would proceed, though what was known was that both they and President-elect Donald Trump had promised during the 2016 presidential election to repeal Obamacare once in office.

To make matters worse, Republicans were also considering holding off on a repeal of the law itself out of fear that taking entitlements away from the American people could spur backlash.

As reported by USA Today, “Republicans have come up with the idea of passing a measure next month that would repeal Obamacare, but with a postponement of a few years before it goes into effect.”

That would reportedly permit them enough time to draw up their own plan — something they should have done a long time ago.

Speaking earlier this month on his radio program, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh expressed great concern about this idea, saying, “This is a potential disaster waiting to happen.”

“Just repeal it and turn loose the market on this!” he suggested.

He was absolutely right. The repeal of Obamacare should be quick and resolute, regardless of any potential political repercussions. The market will quickly correct itself, and no level of federal interference in it is going to make a single thing better.

The millions of hard-working Americans who voted for Republicans after being robbed blind by Obamacare deserve better.

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