BREAKING: Game-Changing Ruling in Keith Scott Case… No Charges Against Officer


The officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sept. 20 will not be facing charges, according to CNN.

This decision, sure to surprise many, came after a two-month long investigation involving 15 different prosecutors, including Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray, all of whom unanimously agreed Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Brentley Vinson was justified in his use of deadly force.

When news of Scott’s death initially broke, it sparked riots in the streets of Charlotte, as many believed that Scott’s death was unnecessary.

Many believed that there was a racial component in the shooting of Scott, a black man — however, Vinson, the only officer who exercised deadly force against Scott, is also black.

Many claimed at the time of the shooting that Scott had been unarmed during the confrontation, but, according to CNN, “all the credible evidence” has led to the conclusion that Scott was, in fact, armed at the time of the shooting, and, according to Murray, Scott’s DNA was found on the grip of a gun recovered from the scene.

Despite some pretty strong evidence that would seem to vindicate Vinson’s actions, many were nonetheless angry. One organization, known on Twitter as Charlotte Uprising, has already threatened the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

Please bear in mind the following media contains profanity.

“As expected the pigs of CMPD see nothing wrong with their continued murders of black people. Tonight 6:45p @ CMPD HQ we shut that s*** down!” they wrote at around noon today.

Whether or not this planned protest gains traction or turns to violence, remained to be seen — but virtually all of the responses to this tweet, at least, were negative and supported law enforcement officers.

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