BREAKING: Federal Judge Issues HUGE Ruling on Electoral College Voters


Electors in the state of Colorado faced a hitch Monday in their effort to subvert the will of the people. If they want to go a different way from what the voters chose, they could potentially face misdemeanor charges which would lead to a fine or possibly jail time, according to BizPac Review.

BizPac Review reported:

Colorado electors failed at their attempt to have their votes unbound when a federal judge on Monday denied their motion to suspend the state’s law.

Granting the motion to allow electors to vote against the popular vote would “undermine” the electoral process, according to Judge Wiley Daniel, KMGH TV reported. Wiley advised Robert Nemanich, of Colorado Springs, and Polly Baca, a former state senator from Denver, that if they were unhappy with the election, they should try to change the state law. He also called the lawsuit a “political stunt.”

The plaintiffs, part of a total of nine Democratic electors from Colorado, argued that the state law requiring them to vote for the winner of Colorado’s popular vote violates the U.S. Constitution, as well as the First, Twelfth and Fourteenth amendments. In a last-ditch effort to keep Trump out of the White House, the electors do not want to cast their vote for Hillary Clinton who won Colorado’s Electoral College votes.

The electors are hoping to cast their votes for a Republican “compromise candidate,” the Times reported.

In a statement reported by KMGH-TV, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams had this to say about the situation: “Unfortunately two faithless electors – prior to even taking office – have arrogantly thumbed their noses at Colorado’s voters and have announced their intent to violate Colorado law.”

According to the attorneys for the plaintiffs, they are willing to risk the misdemeanor charges for their choice.

These stories of faithless electors have cropped up across the country, but as this judge clearly explained, the law is the law.

If you don’t like the law, work to change it before you agree to be bound by it. These electors should have known what the law was and what they were agreeing to before they decided to sign on the dotted line to fill the role.

It looks pretty suspect and ridiculous to challenge a law because you don’t like the outcome. Abide by the rules you agreed to and if you have grounds to challenge it, do so in the future.

On Dec. 19, we’ll see what these electors decide to do.

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