Boys at Skate Park Find Woman’s Lifeless Body on Ground. But What They Did Next Shocks Everyone

Boys at Skate Park Find Womans Lifeless Body on Ground But What They Did Next Shocks Everyone

Five boys in Tucson, Arizona used the word “traumatizing” and “terrifying” to describe how they felt in a life or death situation they recently experienced. A day at the park and their quick response turned them into heroes!

Owen, Miles, Noah, Waylon, and Jonah were skating at the Santa Rita Skate Park when they saw a lady’s body lying next to the women’s restroom. “We didn’t know what was happening,” said Jonah.

As they approached the lady, they realized something was wrong. “She looked like a zombie,” Owen said. “She was really skinny.”

“Her homeless friend walked out of the stall at the time,” Owen’s continued explaining. “She was obviously unaware that she just fell over. We immediately knew it was serious.”

Miles quickly went over to her and checked to see if her heart was beating. He could barely feel a pulse.

They used Miles’ phone to call 911. But Owen knew he had to do more.

Owen knelt down and started CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on the lifeless lady. Owen had learned CPR after his grandfather’s life was saved from someone administering CPR to him.

“I am probably not going to succeed in this,” Owen said, sharing what he had been thinking in the moment.

He continued the CPR for almost five minutes. The ambulance finally arrived and the lady was breathing and talking.

Owen’s training had worked. His quick response and knowledge of how to administer CPR had saved her life!

“CPR isn’t that hard. It is really just knowing what to do at the time,” said Owen. The boys may never know who this woman is, but they will always be heroes in her life.

The boys realized how important knowing CPR is and decided to ask their school principal if the school could offer a CPR class for all students to learn. The principal loved the idea and is putting together a training for the students.

These boys are true heroes and such amazing young men. Their push for others to learn CPR could save many more lives in the future!

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