Box Has Green Balloon Inside. Mom Left in Tears After She Learns What it Really Means


If there is one thing that everyone can agree on at this time of the year, it’s that the holiday season is a time to reconnect with families. Whether it’s just to check in or to announce the newest member who’ll be joining the family, this season seems to add an extra special magic to our time together.

Magic that one couple carried over to their gender reveal. The gender reveal has become a carefully orchestrated moment for many couples.

There are so many ways to share your joy with family and friends, from the elaborate to the simple. Sometimes they can even carry a little extra surprise.

Matthew Conwell and his wife decided to take a somewhat simple approach when announcing the gender of their second child. On the night of the reveal, Matthew’s mother, father, and sister were sitting in the Conwell’s Nashville, Tennessee living room around a big cardboard box.

The box was wrapped festively in Christmas paper so no clues to its contents could be guessed.

Matthew explained that inside the box was a balloon. They would open the box, a balloon would pop out and the gender of the baby would be known.

After some general predictions by those in the room (Grandma was pulling for a girl), they counted 1 – 2 – 3, flipped open the box, and out floated—a GREEN balloon.

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The confused family didn’t know what to say as they watched the unexpectedly colored balloon. Within moments, though, their silence was eclipsed by screams of excitement when up leaped Matthew’s brother Patrick, who was home for the first time after a nine-month tour of Afghanistan.

Patrick hadn’t been home for Christmas since 2014, so he wanted to make this visit especially memorable. Combining the gender reveal with his brother return home was a fantastic way to make the entire event family-oriented.

After hugs and kisses and tears of joy had been shed, Patrick made the announcement that the family thought they were gathering for. The couple was expecting a girl!

Best wishes to the entire Conwell family. Here’s hoping that every time they get together, there is this much joy!

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