BOOM: Working-Class Voters Just Gave Trump a MASSIVE Gift


A new tracking poll from the Los Angeles Times indicates that Donald Trump is up by double digits over Hillary Clinton with middle class voters, and maintaining an overall lead over the Democrat nominee.

According to the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll, which tracks 3,000 voters in a daily tracking format, Trump leads Clinton by a margin of 47.0 percent to 42.4 percent.

However, the major revelation is how well Donald Trump is doing among middle class voters. In the poll, voters making between $35,000 and $75,000 supported Trump by an incredible 53.6 percent to 37.0 percent — a margin of more than 16 points.

Here’s the poll:


Turning the script on the idea that the Republican Party is the party of the rich, Trump’s margin was actually smaller among voters who made over $75,000, 47.4 percent to 41.5 percent.

Not flipping the script was Hillary Clinton’s support among the handout brigade; she led Trump 50.5 percent to 38.2 percent for those making under $35,000.

Of course, Hillary Clinton supporters and liberals will continue to argue, hilariously, that these middle class Trump supporters are voting against their interests.

Wages have stayed stagnant for the middle class under Obama, and building and construction has been hit particularly hard. Self-employment taxes and Obamacare are killing a lot of blue collar voters financially. Even for younger, white-collar workers, the fact that they’re expected to subsidize Obamacare and the poor job market have soured them on liberalism and the left giving out H-1B visas like candy.

And yet, the Democratic narrative is that working class Americans who vote Republican are all bigots. If only these people could learn to have discussions about structures of inequality and set up safe spaces in their community, they’re willing to give them handouts! “Free” healthcare! Why, oh why. won’t they just realize how much better they would be if they just let the Democrats control their lives?

Middle-class and working-class Americans aren’t fools. They’ve seen the Obama administration and its eight years of progressive economic policies, and they know they can’t afford another four years like it.

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