BOOM: Trump’s War on ISIS Takes Down Dirtbag Who “Specialized” in Women

Trumps War on ISIS Takes Down Dirtbag Who Specialized in Women

The bloody and grueling battle to reclaim the city of Mosul, Iraq, from the clutches of the Islamic State group has been raging for several months now, and will likely continue for several more, but it just abruptly ended for one particularly loathsome member of the terrorist army.

According to Iraqi News, a senior leader of the Islamic State group was gunned down by unknown killers on the west side of the city on Saturday, despite his organization still retaining control of that section of the massive metropolis, Iraq’s second largest.

The Saudi national went by the name Abu Abdul Rahman, and he was believed to be responsible for the execution of women in the region — a practice the terrorist group seems to enjoy.

The U.K. Sun reported that Rahman typically used trumped-up charges against his victims as an excuse to execute them, sometimes using a meat cleaver or butcher’s knife.

The attack took place in the central al-Askari region of the city, though nobody knows exactly who is responsible for taking out the sadistically barbaric jihadist.

The International Business Times noted that most of the eastern half of Mosul has already been cleared of the militant Islamists, and though the fighting has been incredibly intense, Iraqi generals in charge of the operation don’t think the remainder of the fight to clear the rest of the city will be any tougher than what they’ve already faced.

They also noted that, to the best of their knowledge, most of the senior leaders of the Islamic State group in Mosul have already been killed in the fighting.

While it is entirely plausible that U.S. special operators were given the green light by President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis to take out this particular leader in a covert operation, the hit could have also been done by any number of other groups that are involved in the Mosul battle.

Those groups would include Iraqi special forces, regular Iraqi Army troops, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Iranian-backed Shiite militias or even unaffiliated Sunni or Christian militias that have been opposing the murderous jihadists wherever possible. It could even have been prisoners of the terrorist group who had escaped their captors and sought revenge.

One thing that is for sure though, is that this particular piece of jihadist trash won’t be slaughtering innocent women anymore.

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