BOOM: Trump Just Caught Hillary Trying to Copy Him, Instantly Humiliates Her


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds campaign rallies every week that attract thousands of people, with thousands more crowding into the overflow areas to watch Trump speak.

Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s rallies have been comparatively small (even though the media won’t admit that) and often only half-full of people, giving the impression that she isn’t very popular — which she isn’t.

Recently Clinton started to hold rallies in front of her plane, copying Trump’s style. Trump was quick to go on Twitter and point this out.

“Do people notice Hillary is copying my airplane rallies — she puts the plane behind her like I have been doing from the beginning,” he tweeted.

Perhaps Clinton was thinking that by holding her rallies that way she could attract crowds comparable to the crowds that Trump draws every day.

The only problem is that Clinton’s supporters aren’t very enthusiastic about her — not nearly as enthusiastic as Trump’s supporters — so nothing she does (short of dropping out of the race) will generate the type of crowd that Trump gets.


Trump has been having rallies in front of this plane since he first announced his candidacy, while Clinton has not.


Trump’s recent surge in the polls has worried more than a few Democrats who once thought that Clinton had an insurmountable lead over the GOP nominee.

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