BOOM: Trump Hits Bill with PERFECT Comeback for “Angry White Men” Jab … CNN Agrees!


When former President Bill Clinton hit President-elect Donald Trump with an insult about not knowing anything except how to corral “angry white men” into voting for him, he probably didn’t think Trump would respond in any way the mainstream media would take seriously.

Big mistake.

Trump, as we’ve learned, is a rhetorical pugilist among rhetorical pugilists. If he’s shown himself to be anything, it’s a brawler on a Muhammad Ali scale. And he managed to hit Clinton back so hard that even CNN — which earned the moniker “Clinton News Network” for 25 years of obsequiousness to America’s most dysfunctional political family — sided with Trump.

At issue were remarks that Clinton made in the presence of the editor of the Bedford-Pound Record-Review in upper Westchester County, New York.

The article, which detailed a sort of ad hoc question-and-answer session at a local bookseller, shared the front page with “Pound Ridge seniors get in the holiday spirit.” The latter arguably was more newsworthy than a superannuated political functionary who just happens to be locked in marriage of convenience with the losing Democrat candidate in this year’s election.

However, the former president decided to party like it was 1996, lying his butt off and impugning the president-elect.

When asked if Trump was smart, the president responded, “He doesn’t know much. One thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him.”

He also told the audience that Trump had called him the day after the election and acted “like it was 15 years ago.”

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to deal with the former President Clinton in 140 characters or less:

Ouch. And yes, that is accurate. As CNN reported back in November, “Former President Bill Clinton congratulated Donald Trump on Thursday, an aide to the 42nd president said Thursday.”

President Clinton phoned President-elect Trump this afternoon,” an aide to the president said. “During the brief call, President Clinton congratulated Mr. Trump and wished him well.”

Yet, just over a month later, Clinton was back to his old self, cheerfully telling Westchester County people that the egomaniacal Donald Trump actually had the audacity to call him!

Bill Clinton and other Democrats are used to getting away with this sort of thing. After all, they have media that will back them up and filter out most of the unpleasantness. Most Republicans won’t even bother to fight back.

Not Trump, though. Trump is someone who’s willing to give as good as he gets, especially if he’s got the truth behind him. Bill Clinton found that one out the hard way, and Donald Trump managed to remind America again just how much of a liar and hypocrite Clinton is.

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