BOOM: Town Caves to ACLU on Christmas Display, So Residents Put Crosses up EVERYWHERE


Residents in Knightstown, Indiana, fought back after the town council decided to remove a cross from the town’s Christmas tree.

The issue came to a head Monday after the town conceded to a court case brought on by the American Civil Liberties Union, which sued the town on behalf of resident Joseph Tompkins. Tompkins claimed the cross violated of the First Amendment’s anti-establishment clause.

The suit demanded the cross be removed and the town pay Tompkins damages for being “forced to come into direct and unwelcome contact with the cross display” every day, WXIN reported. Town officials didn’t think they could win the case, and by letting it proceed, they risked being forced to pay legal fees and damages to Tompkins, according to WHTR. So, down the cross came.

The town council told WISH that they regretted the decision, but were following legal advice in removing the cross.

But residents who didn’t like the decision decided to fight back in their own way — by placing crosses just about everywhere, which will more than likely force Tompkins to come into direct and unwelcome contact with more crosses than he had ever intended.

Crosses can now be seen in windows and yards across town, and some town members were even handing out free crosses to place on the tree, WISH reported.

“We’re staying out here to protest and bring our cross back for Knightstown,” Daylan Lloyd told WISH.

“It’s just ridiculous,” said Aaron Magee, a Knightstown resident. “I’m very offended that the cross was taken down, and I want it put back up. We all want it put back up.”

Once again, the left has shown its hatred for Christianity and its misunderstanding of the First Amendment, which was not intended to separate God and government — it was intended to prevent the government from establishing a religion.

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