BOOM: LL Bean Granddaughter Tells Trump-Hating Libs, “I Never Back Down”

LL Bean Granddaughter Tells Trump-Hating Libs I Never Back Down

It’s happened yet again: a boycott of a business because one of its owners had the temerity to support Donald Trump.

This time, it’s legendary outfitter L.L. Bean; one of Bean’s granddaughter’s donated $60,000 to a political action committee that supported Trump.

According to the Portland Press Herald, Linda Bean’s donation was 12 times the limit for regular political action committees, which is why it drew the scrutiny of the Federal Election Commission.

That’s not what leftist group Grab Your Wallet is upset about, though; they’re just upset she donated in the first place.

What is Grab Your Wallet? It’s a group dedicated to boycotting any business that has an association with Trump. It currently has 39 major chains on their list, including Macy’s and Kmart, with varying levels of success.

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” however, Linda Bean made one awesome, four-word declaration: “I never back down.”

Here was her response to the “bullies” boycotting her:

“It’s bullying,” Bean told Fox Business Network. “They want to control how we spend our money, what we buy, where we buy it. That’s wrong, it’s un-American.”

The company also issued a statement chastizing the Grab Your Wallet campaign.

“We were disappointed to learn that Grab Your Wallet is advocating a boycott against L.L.Bean solely because Linda Bean, who is only one of 50+ family members involved with the business, personally supported Donald Trump for President,” the company said in a Facebook post.

The company said that it “does not endorse political candidates, take positions on political matters, or make political contributions. Simply put, we stay out of politics.”

“To be included in this boycott campaign is simply misguided, and we respectfully request that Grab Your Wallet reverse its position.”

You can read the entire post here:

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