BOOM: Gov. Interviews Justice Roy Moore to Replace Jeff Sessions in U.S. Senate


President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, whose term is up in 2020, to be attorney general in the next administration, a move that would leave Sessions’ Senate seat temporarily open until a special election can be held to fill it for the remainder of the term.

Meanwhile, it falls to Republican Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley to choose someone to hold the seat, and Bentley has already interviewed eight prospects for the position, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

One of the individuals under consideration was Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was suspended from the high court in September over his stated opposition to the same-sex ruling issued by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“He would consider it an honor if appointed to the office of U. S. Senate,” wrote Kayla Moore, the justice’s wife, in an email confirming that the governor had interviewed her husband on Tuesday.

WND noted that a veritable firestorm has erupted on the left over the news, with liberals in the media smearing Moore as being “anti-gay” and in general a “hater” of all things progressive.

The conservative website pointed out that much of the opposition to Moore stemmed from his support for traditional marriage and other Christian values.

Ultra-liberal Slate was at the forefront of the Moore-bashing, labeling him “disgraced” while citing his questionable and still-under-appeal suspension from the bench by the Court of the Judiciary for “gross judicial misconduct” over his administrative ruling to lower Alabama judges instructing them to ignore the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling in 2015.

Slate also noted that Moore had come under fire before for refusing federal court orders to cease praying in his courtroom and to remove a plaque of the Ten Commandments in the 1990s.

Moore had been removed from the bench in 2003 for also refusing to remove a large, granite Ten Commandments monument he had commissioned to grace the Alabama State Judicial Building.

The Huffington Post chimed in with its disapproval of the potential pick as well, stating that progressives might actually find the supposedly anti-civil rights and “hard-line anti-immigration” stances of Sen. Sessions “downright reasonable” in comparison to the views held by Moore.

It remained to be seen whether Moore would be chosen by the governor as Sessions’ successor, but given the left’s over-the-top reaction to even the idea that such a thing could occur, he may very well by the right choice.

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