BOOM: Days After Ford’s News, Fiat Chrysler STUNS With American Jobs Announcement


President-elect Donald Trump is on a roll. Over the past month, he has negotiated deals with major U.S. companies, and jobs are starting flock back to America because of what companies think will happen under a Trump administration.

The latest exciting jobs news came from Fiat Chrysler, which announced on Sunday that it would be investing $1 billion to modernize plants in Michigan and Ohio, and would be hiring an additional 2,000 workers, Fox News reported.

Just let those numbers sink in for a minute.

Fiat Chrysler did not say that Trump was responsible for this drastic move in any way. However, many companies have reacted positively to Trump’s pro-business policies, so this move may be at least indirectly related to Trump.

By modernizing the Michigan plant, Fiat Chrysler would be able to produce a pickup truck that is currently made in Mexico right here in the good ‘ole USA.

Newsweek noted that a source at Chrysler claimed that the company wanted to announce this new policy as soon as possible to avoid being criticized by Trump — who has attacked several companies on Twitter over the past few weeks.

On Monday morning, Trump went on Twitter and thanked Ford and Fiat Chrysler for investing in America.

Trump has made it clear that if companies produce goods in Mexico (or anywhere else for that matter) that could be made in the U.S., and then try to sell those goods in the U.S., they will face steep tariffs.

Many auto companies have touted their investments in the U.S. over the past few weeks, and some, such as Ford, have taken moves to show that they are serious about investing in America, Reuters reported.

Trump may not have picked up the phone and called these companies personally, but his pro-business attitude, coupled with his willingness to play hard ball with these companies, has brought thousands of jobs and potentially over $1 billion dollars into the American economy.

If this is what happens when Trump is just the president-elect, I can’t wait to see what happens when he is sworn in.

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