BOOM: Anthony Weiner Ordered to Pay Over $250k in Fines, Restitution


Of all of the Democrats whining about how they want 2016 to be over with, few probably have more reason to want it to end than Anthony Weiner.

It wasn’t enough that the disgraced former New York congressman got caught sexting with multiple partners — including (coughcoughallegedlycough) with a 15-year-old — or that his wife Huma Abedin finally decided she’d had enough and dumped him like the has-been pervert that he was. And let’s not forget that emails on his laptop were why the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email was re-opened.

Now, as the year enters its homestretch, Weiner has been fined over $60,000 and forced to return almost $200,000, all stemming from his unsuccessful 2013 run for mayor of New York City.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, a Thursday decision from the New York City Campaign Finance Board hit Weiner with a $64,956 fine from misspending campaign money on private expenses.

It also ruled, according to the New York Daily News, that Weiner will have to return $195,377.79 in matching funds that his campaign didn’t spend. (That 79 cents is really going to be the killer.)

“The board said Weiner’s campaign spent $1,539 on bills for two phones and dry cleaning that CFB found were really Weiner’s personal expenses,” the Daily News reported.

“The campaign said one of the phones was Weiner’s personal line, which he used for fundraising, and the other was a phone bought during his earlier mayoral bid in 2005,” the report added. “The board whacked him with a $2,308 fine for that, since using campaign donations for regular living expenses is not allowed.”

The finance board levied another $22,031 fine because Weiner had failed to demonstrate that certain expenses “were in furtherance of his campaign, including $26,000 paid to the political fundraising firm the Esler Group, $56,210 to people whose duties were not properly documented, and $600 for TVs.”

Unfortunately, the Daily News also reported that Weiner has just gotten out of a sex rehab clinic where cellphones were confiscated, so I bet he wasn’t even able to use the phone that he improperly paid for.

Oh well. Bon voyage, Carlos Danger. As you slide into obscurity, we’ll miss you — if only as a punch line.

But it’s hard to argue that you’re not reaping what you’ve sown.

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