BOOM: Americans Destroy Mainstream Media… Keep GOP in Control of Senate


The mainstream media pundits all predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had an easy path to victory. They all predicted that the Democrats would take the Senate. They said that conservatism was on the wane and that shifting demographics and opinions would confine the movement that brought Donald Trump to the Republican nomination to the dustbin of history.

They were all very, very wrong.

Yes, all that talk about Democrat voter apathy, all that talk about skewed polls, all those analyses that the mainstream media pooh-poohed for over a year, they all turned out to be right.

Donald Trump was declared president in the wee hours of this morning, after Clinton conceded via a phone call.

The phone call came after the state of Pennsylvania, necessary for Clinton to win the presidency, had been called for Trump.

Meanwhile, Republicans held both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

A night that began as a coronation ended up with numerous shots of tears at Hillary Clinton events all over the nation, and celebrities took to Twitter to melt down.

The New York Times’ election counter had showed as early as 11 p.m. that Trump has a greater than 95 percent chance of victory, leading many to wonder how they missed the polls so bad, both before the election and with exit polls.

Most ignorance, unfortunately, is willful, and the narrative from the media since the beginning of this race has been that anyone with the temerity with agree with Donald Trump on anything was deplorable. Their entire story was based on a culture they believed was post-Christian and post-conservative, with a few desperate people not willing to get with the program, still clinging to their guns and their religion in the backwoods of America.

Make no mistake — this is all a matter of the media choosing narrative over fact. We’ve pointed out over and over again how most polls were undercounting conservative voters. We’ve pointed out how skewed their coverage of Trump was.

We can only hope that what happened on Tuesday will be a wake-up call to the media: America has voted against them and their narrative.

When Trump and the Republicans take office, they expect them to treat them with the same fawning respect they gave Hillary Clinton.

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