BOOM: 83% Of Financial Advisers Just Gave Trump INCREDIBLE News


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democrat rival Hillary Clinton have clashed on everything from the war against the Islamic State group to gun control legislation, but one of the most contentious topics between the two candidates has been the economy.

Trump has insisted that the economy is in bad shape and that only he can fix it, whereas Clinton has tried to say that the economy is great (not wanting to insult President Barack Obama), but then has tried to insist that it still needs a lot of work.

Clinton for her part has claimed that Trump’s economic policies would damage the U.S., but a recent poll of financial advisers seems to disagree with her.

In the Woodbridge Wealth Survey, 83 percent of the people surveyed said they believed that a Trump presidency would “foster long term growth” and build a “healthy” economy, Yahoo News reported.


A meager 6 percent said that Clinton would do the same, while 12 percent said that neither candidate would be great for the economy.

“Throughout the survey, we see the same economic themes repeated over and over again: Job one for the new administration has to be economic fixes,” explained Bob Shapiro, president and CEO of the Woodbridge Group of Companies.

A vast majority of those surveyed also said that lowering the corporate tax rate would boost the economy — not destroy it as Clinton and her liberal friends seem to think would happen.

Trump has touted his experience as a successful businessman on the campaign trail as evidence that he can fix the economy. One of his most powerful lines of attack is that while he has not always had a 100 percent success rate, he has created thousands of jobs over the years.

All Clinton has ever done is sit in Washington, D.C., and try to increase her own power.

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H/T Breitbart