BOMBSHELL: Merkel Attended “Migrants Day” Celebration Same Day as Truck Attack… She’s Done


The world was horrified on Monday to see yet another possible terror attack strike Europe, this time in Germany. A truck plowed into a crowd of people at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

As of Tuesday morning, details about the attack were still fuzzy. Police were almost entirely sure the attack was deliberate, but they were not sure if they had the right suspect in custody. What was sure, however, was that German Prime Minster Angela Merkel was in trouble, the U.K. Sun reported.

Merkel has taken flak from the right in Germany for a while now because of her immigration policies. Now it is looking possible that an immigrant may have been behind the attack — an attack that occurred while Merkel was at a celebration for the International Day of Migrants.

This is possibly one of the worst timings that any politician has experienced in a while. The German Prime Minister was at an event celebrating migrants on the same day that someone who may have been a migrant rammed into a crowd of Germans, killing and maiming dozens.

That’s not something a normal politician can recover from.

CNN noted that there was still a large amount of confusion over the attack. Authorities weren’t sure if there was one attacker or more, or even if the person they had in custody (an asylum seeker from Pakistan) was connected to the attack in any way.

Germany has not yet seen a mass-casualty terror attack, but several smaller failed attacks have worried the population, Fox News reported.

If this attack was indeed carried out by a refugee, then Merkel’s political career may be dead. The German people are fed up with the influx of refugees that have poured into their country over the past few years.

A major attack carried out by a refugee likely would make them turn against Merkel even more, and elect someone who would take a more hard-line approach to the issue of refugees.

This is a developing situation, and we will be sure to bring you more details as they unfold in the coming days and weeks.

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