BLM Crowd Will Be Outraged After Finding Hilarious Fake Site Where Their Own Website Should Be

BLM Crowd Will Be Outraged After Finding Hilarious Fake Site Where Their Own Website Should Be

It appeared a group of mischievous souls decided to play a hilarious trick on Black Lives Matter by constructing a mock BLM website for the movement’s St. Louis branch.

Available for viewing at (or here, if the site has already been removed), the site basically functioned as satirical commentary on the failing movement.

Instead of featuring the usual dose of anti-cop and anti-white bigotry as seen on Black Lives Matter’s official website, the mock-up included links to help BLM members “find a job,” “raise your kids” and “learn to swim,” the latter of which was admittedly bordering on racism by playing on a cultural stereotype.

Take a look at a screenshot below:

Black Lives Matter St Louis Mock Website

The last set of links were based on the clearly false stereotype that black people lack the ability to swim; the mock up would have been funnier without it.

The other sets of links, however, were rooted in sad facts about the black community, which has historically suffered from a higher-than-average unemployment rate and a breakdown in the family structure — both of which, incidentally, have been important contributors to black violence.

BLM has often disputed this belief, however, preferring instead to blame the actions and subsequent justified police shootings of thugs such as Mike Brown and Freddie Gray on white racism and even the so-called “legacy of slavery.”

As renowned economist and political philosopher Thomas Sowell noted in National Review two years ago, however, this argument was a farce — one based on a desire to avoid taking personal responsibility.

“The ‘legacy of slavery’ argument is not just an excuse for inexcusable behavior in the ghettos,” he wrote. “In a larger sense, it is an evasion of responsibility for the disastrous consequences of the prevailing social vision of our times, and the political policies based on that vision, over the past half century.”

And by “prevailing social vision,” he meant the insistence by Democrats that blacks be coddled like children, both excused for partaking in crime and also handed every freebie and welfare program available, as if doing that would spur their communities to success.

Except that this methodology has not worked in Baltimore, has not worked in Detroit, has worked in New Orleans and has certainly not worked in St. Louis. The strategy has been a failure, and it is past time for a change.

And well, save for the bit about black people swimming, which has nothing to do with poor choices or personal responsibility, it seemed like this mock up was a very clever way of inspiring at least some race-baiting BLM members to maybe, just maybe, embrace that change.

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