Black Waitress Fabricated Racist Receipt Note from White Customer

Black Waitress Fabricated Racist Receipt Note from White Customer

Last month, waitress Kelly Carter claimed that she was stiffed out of a tip by a white couple at Anita’s New Mexico Style Cafe in Ashburn, Virginia. Carter also claimed that the couple left a racist comment at the bottom of their receipt.

“Great service, don’t tip black people,” the note said.

The story gained nationwide attention, and the media covered it, pointing out the hatefulness of this white couple. A donation page set up for Carter raised almost $4,000 because of how the waitress was treated.

Now it is looking as thought this story might not be true.

A lawyer representing one of the customers told WTOP the story was false. Daniel Hebda of the law firm Simms Showers said in a statement that his client did tip Carter — a penny — and that the tip had nothing to do with the color of Carter’s skin but with her poor service.

Hebda also said his client claimed the note he wrote on the bottom of the receipt was “terrible service.” He suggested that someone must have reprinted the receipt, forged his client’s signature and written the note on the bottom.

“Our client did not nor would he ever write anything about refusing to tip African-Americans because of their race,” Hebda said. He added that the client had no ill feelings toward black people at all.

“Our client tipped $0.01 out of his own conviction against tipping well for poor service,” he said.

Hebda also said his law firm has contacted lawyers for Anita’s “and demanded that they set the story straight and find out who is responsible.”

The restaurant did not immediately respond.

If Carter is somehow responsible for this fake receipt, she should return every penny that was donated to her and offer an apology. Taking money from good-hearted people is disgusting, and stories like this needlessly add to the racial tension in this country.

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