Black Trump Supporters: Where Are Obama and Al Sharpton on Chicago Hate Crime?


Millions of Americans have been outraged over the horrific video that has circulated recently showing four assailants viciously torturing a special needs man.

The accused attackers have been charged with committing a hate crime, yet President Barack Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton and all the other liberal race baiters have been strangely silent about this shocking video.

Diamond and Silk, two famous African-American Trump supporters, questioned on Twitter why none of the usual liberal race baiters were jumping all over this particular hate crime.

“We would like to know where is the DOJ, @TheRevAl (Sharpton), the Civil Rights Movement and @CornellWBrooks to do his Sit In. ,” they tweeted.

In a separate Facebook live video that the two did later on, they said that if the colors were reversed and it were white people torturing a black person, we would be hearing liberal outrage.

“I would have loved to see these organizations … and these different men, come out and speak out against any hatred, no matter what color,” they said.

Of course America’s beloved race baiters aren’t going to even comment on this crime. In their minds, hate crimes only happen when whites attack blacks.

When four African-Americans attack a white mentally challenged boy, they are just teenagers acting out (even when one of the accused is 24, apparently). When Black Lives Matter supporters burn down cities across America, they are just angry youth. When black youth attack police officers, they are just frustrated at the “racist system.”

But if you voted for President-elect Donald Trump, you’re a dangerous white supremacist.

Liberals are some of the biggest hypocrites in the world. If something doesn’t fit their particular narrative, they simply ignore it, no matter how horrific it was.

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