Black Dem Congressman Admits Dems Are Taking Black Voters for Granted

Black Dem Congressman Admits Dems Are Taking Black Voters for Granted

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have been doing some soul searching, trying to figure out why they lost so badly across the board.

Democratic Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver went on MSNBC on Monday and explained that he believes the Democratic party is taking the African-American vote for granted.

“Look, you know, Democrats, even those that either were pushed out or slipped out of our ranks in the last election, this past November, are people with whom we have common values,” he stated.

Cleaver stated that the Democrat Party had “failed miserably” with rural America, stating that rural American and urban America have similar problems that Democrats should have talked about.

“I think some of them were not inspired. We didn’t have an inspirational or aspirational election. With African-Americans, the Democrats are making a very, very serious mistake. And many of us have told them over and over again when we say, ‘you take African-Americans for granted.’ And they do, and I think that’s going to come back to hurt us in the long run,” he said.

While it’s nice that some Democrats are finally realizing how badly they have screwed up for years, it may be too late for them to actually do anything about this.

You can watch his full comments here:

Trump has promised to turn things around for African-Americans in this country. If Trump can actually follow through on his promises, if in four years things have gotten better in the inner cities, African-Americans may abandon the Democratic party and become Republican voters — or at least enough of them to destroy the monolithic black vote Democrats have depended on for decades.

For years, all Democrats have done is say that African-Americans are treated unfairly, made empty promises about improving their lives and then done absolutely nothing to follow through on those promises.

Trump has also promised to help African-Americans across America, and so far, at least, seems intent on keeping his campaign promises. When he follows through on that one, the Democratic party is going to be devastated.

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