Black Actor Called Bigot After Sending Out Christmas Card with Inside Joke in Picture


Nowadays, all many liberals see is racism. Everywhere they look, and no matter who is involved, they constantly see some form of racism and feel the need to speak out about it — no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

As if we needed further proof of just how far the left had sunk into its lunacy, an African-American actor has been deemed a racist by liberals after he posted a holiday photo of himself and a few friends online, BizPac Review reported.

The photo in question featured actor Lance Gross and a few friends sitting together. What triggered liberals was a black woman who was sitting a little bit away from the happy couples in the photos.

Liberals quickly jumped on the fact that the the single woman had darker skin than the other African-Americans in the photo, and began to insist that this was a result of “colorism.”


Yes, colorism is actually a real term coined by liberals. Boiled down to the basics, colorism means discriminating against someone because they have darker skin.

So, according to liberals, not only do whites discriminate against blacks, but blacks also discriminate against … each other?

You know, it really is getting hard to keep up with all these terms. Someone really should start a glossary of these words just so we can be up to date on the latest fads among the social justice warriors.

The U.K. Daily Mail noted that even after Gross and the woman tried to explain that it was an inside joke and she was sitting apart because she didn’t have a date at the party, liberals continued to insist that this was an example of colorism, white supremacy and a host of social evils.

The woman who was at the center of the controversy went online to state that people needed to calm down, the Atlanta Black Star reported.

“I take a pic like this EVERY YEAR making fun of the fact that I’m the only single one in the couples pic,” she wrote.

Woman defense post

Liberals seriously need to take a chill pill (or maybe the whole bottle). Whatever happened to not judging people on the basis of the color of their skin? Instead of always assuming the worst, perhaps liberals should realize that there are often other explanations for things other than everyone being racist.

If our society is going to heal and move forward, we need to stop looking at everyone in black and white — literally — and start seeing each other as Americans who are united under one flag, in one country.

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