Bitter Chelsea Handler Mocks Somber Trump Pic, But Rest of Picture Shows Perfect Reason for Them to Be Straight-Faced

Bitter Chelsea Handler Mocks Somber Trump Pic But Rest of Picture Shows Perfect Reason for Them to Be Straight-Faced

As the American left continues to throw wet spaghetti noodles against the wall to see what will stick against President Donald Trump, they have now begun to attack his marriage to first lady Melania Trump, insinuating that she was unhappily trapped in their marriage and wants to be freed.

Divisively angry liberal comedienne Chelsea Handler (still waiting on her to leave the country as promised) recently perpetuated that notion with a post to social media that featured a picture of the Trumps looking rather dour, a picture taken during one of the many events that filled the whirlwind of non-stop activity on Inauguration Day.

Handler’s post proved quite popular with her fans and was retweeted thousands of times, but there is a pretty relevant fact explaining the expression of the Trumps that has been conveniently ignored by the left.

According to the Independent Journal Review, the picture was taken during the inauguration luncheon while a variety of people were droning on about the history of various pieces of artwork and statues, as well as the incredible importance of the work that had already been done and still needed to be done in Washington.

According to Inquisitr, Handler captioned the photo with, “Donald and Melania seem really happy. #AlternativeFacts

The “#AlternativeFacts” hashtag was a direct shot at Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for a remark she recently made in countering the “facts” of the mainstream media. It has since come to be used derisively by the left as a euphemism for stating something that is obviously untrue.

That’s a rather sobering and, dare we say, at times boring subject, but nevertheless one a new president must listen to.

Here’s the picture:

And here’s the context necessary to understand the picture:

Furthermore, a picture of Vice President Mike Pence and his wife revealed that they shared similar facial expressions as the Trumps during the same luncheon, and to the best of our knowledge, no one has ever accused the Pences of having a troubled marriage.

Pences at inauguration luncheon

In all actuality, Trump was simply ready to get to work for the people, as he made abundantly clear in his inaugural address delivered just a short time prior to this photo being taken. Listening to a lecture, while perhaps important, was likely to be seen by the new president as a delay keeping him from the action he had promised to take.

Furthermore, Handler’s post was just another example of how she has increasingly taken attempts at bullying and shaming the Trumps, something she was recently excoriated for by TMZ, of all places, for stating that she would refuse to interview the first lady due to her thick accent.

However, the best rebuttal to Handler’s commentary came in a reply to her own post, a picture of the first couple happily dancing together at an inaugural ball many long hours after the picture at the luncheon was taken.

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