Bill Nye Blames Calif. Floods on Climate Change, 24 Hours Research Destroys Him

Bill Nye Blames Calif Floods on Climate Change 24 Hours Research Destroys Him

Did you know that Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” isn’t really all that science-y?

It’s true. He actually only has an undergraduate degree from Cornell and is just a photogenic geek with mad bowtie skills.

However, he still manages to get the plot wrong when it comes to his holy jihad on climate change. Take the recent California floods, which Nye jumped on like Sally Struthers on an African famine.

Here’s the tweet that was posted to Bill Nye’s Twitter account. Unfortunately, it contained what Wikipedia likes to call [citation needed].

You see, it turns out that Nye’s prediction about the Paris Agreement was more or less wrong.

Curbed San Francisco describes how these storms happened throughout the last few decades, and how an effect known as an atmospheric river brings rain and snow to northern California.

What it does not describe, however, is how much people freak out over normal weather phenomena.

Yet, as EPA measures show, the amount of flooding has decreased in the past half of a century, as depicted in this graphic released 24 hours later:

See if you can find that one mentioned in the climate change playbook.

But that’s the thing. When we’re talking about climate change, we don’t really care about what the implications are.

And that isn’t all. Pielke also determined that flood damage as a proportion of GDP had reduced dramatically in the past.

But, of course, this all doesn’t matter. Guess why? That’s right, global warming and all of its tenets are sacrosanct. So, if you want to talk about reducing floods on the West Coast, you can only really talk about them as the result of the coming climate apocalypse.

And I for one welcome our new climate change overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted internet personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground carbon-capture caves.

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