Bill Attacks Trump But Looks Like a Fool When He Forgets “It’s the Economy, Stupid”


A reporter/editor of a small-town weekly paper in New York was doing a little Christmas shopping with his wife when they spotted former President Bill Clinton speaking with some customers in a local book store.

Sidling up to the group to hear the former president’s impromptu question-and-answer session about the 2016 election, the newspaperman shared what he had learned in the print version of the Bedford and Pound Ridge Record Review.

According to Fox News, Clinton seemingly blamed everything except Hillary Clinton for the Democrat presidential nominee’s loss in last month’s election.

Indeed, in Bill’s estimation, President-elect Donald Trump won largely because he was able to effectively rally racist “angry white men” to his side. The fact that both Russia and the FBI interfered in the election on Trump’s behalf also helped enormously, Clinton opined.

Politico first reported that Clinton said Trump “doesn’t know much” but that “one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him.”

As for the Russian interference in the election via cyber attacks, hacking and the release of politically damning material, Clinton said, “(Y)ou would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on.”

Also, FBI Director James Comey “cost (Hillary) the election” with his pair of letters to Congress in the final two weeks of the campaign informing them that new information had come to light in the investigation of her scandalous email practices.

Clinton also found it odd that Trump had contacted him in a friendly manner after Election Day, and criticized Trump’s use of the term “landslide” to describe his victory, citing his own 370 electoral votes in 1992 as evidence of what a real landslide victory looks like.

Unfortunately for Clinton, there are plenty of Asian, black and Hispanic voters who checked the box next to Trump’s name, who would beg to differ about being lumped in with “angry white men” as the reason Trump won.

If cyber attacks and leaked emails damaged Hillary’s chances in the election, it was because of the content of those leaked documents, not who leaked them.

Furthermore, Comey wouldn’t have had to release the now-infamous letter to Congress if Hillary Clinton hadn’t had such abhorrent email practices, or if the husband of her top aide hadn’t been found to have emails related to the former secretary of state on his personal laptop computer while under investigation for alleged sexual improprieties with an underage girl.

It appeared that in searching for reasons Hillary lost, Bill neglected to keep in mind the cornerstone of his own campaign: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

To be sure, Trump’s harping on the dismal American economy and the one-sided trade deals, high taxes and overbearing government regulations that have stifled it played a big part in his upset win.

In truth, Hillary Clinton was a horribly bad candidate who missed or deliberately ignored the issues that a majority of Americans cared the most about, all the while denigrating them or questioning their intelligence. That is why she lost the election, not because of racism, Russia or the FBI.

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