Biden Mentions “Leadership” During Speech, Lights Instantly Go Out

Biden Mentions Leadership During Speech Lights Instantly Go Out

What should have been a powerful line from Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland turned into a hilarious offbeat moment for viewers.

As soon as Biden said that the United States would remain in a position of leadership in the days to come, the lights went out on him, leaving a sitcom-esque silhouette on the stage, still speaking.

To Biden’s credit, he kept right on plugging along, and the lights were quickly restored.

It was almost too richly coincidental that the lights went out exactly when he said, “We are going to retain our position of leadership.”

That silhouette continued: “If we don’t fight for our values, no one else will.”

Viewers found symbolism and humor in the episode.

Commenter Green Bug from RT said, “Isn’t that a true sign of the last 8 years!”

Others thought it would be funny to speculate that the Russians had hacked the speech, just like they “hacked” the election.

“Russians hacked the speech,” wrote one commenter.

“Oh, come on, Putin, enough is enough … LOL,” wrote another.

One commenter, Guessed46, said it best: “So symbolic. I love it! Lights out! We know what you are, Bobo.”

Sure, it’s just a coincidence. It’s also hilarious, and the possible symbolism is hard to deny, considering what eight years of the Obama administration have done to America’s position in the world.

Fortunately we have an incoming president (and vice president) who might just merit lighting for all of their speeches.

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