Bernie Sanders Could be Forming a Third Party

Bernie Sanders Could be Forming a Third Party

After a stunning loss in 2016, Democrats have spent much of 2017 arguing over who is to blame for the fiasco (refusing to accept that they themselves screwed up) and trying to figure out how to move the party forward.

One of the issues that scares many Democrats is a movement to get Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to form his own third party, The Washington Times reported.

Sanders, a self-described independent socialist who ran a surprisingly strong race for the Democrat presidential nomination, has millions of followers, many of whom hate the Democrat Party and see it as grossly corrupt. Should he break away from the party, many of them likely would follow him.

That would mean that the Democrat Party would split apart, lose millions of voters and thus potentially lose every major election for years to come.

So, we’re perfectly fine with that.

While this third party idea may be the dream of many “Bernie bros,” in reality it most likely isn’t going to happen, though that hasn’t stopped uneasy Democrat officials from speaking out against any potential split.

“He ran for president through the party, did extraordinarily well, better than anybody thought he was going to do, and I think it is incumbent upon him to make sure that his base stays in line with the party to ensure that we win races,” said Daniel Halpern, a Democratic National Committee member from Georgia.

There have been a few attempts to get a new party started. The website for the “Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” outlines how this new party would be truly progressive, but of course the program hinges on Sanders actually signing up.

ABC News noted that many progressives have become further disenchanted with the Democrat Party now that former Labor Secretary Tom Perez is the chairman, increasing their incentive to break away. Many of the more progressive members had backed Perez’s chief rival for the post, Muslim Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison.

Right now the Democrat Party is deeply divided. Much of this is reminiscent of what happened after the 2008 elections with the tea party wave that swept the Republican Party.

While we can enjoy watching Democrats destroy each other, we must also be cautious. The tea party wave elected Republicans to Congress in numbers that hadn’t been seen in years. We must be careful to not ignore the threat posed by this new progressive movement.

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