Beautiful Woman Who Was Horribly Raped Exposes 1 Vital Truth About Islam


When she lived in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Anni Cyrus was forced to wear a headscarf from the age of nine. She later was horribly raped by a Muslim man.

But the crime against her isn’t the worst she has to talk about. She made an even more despicable revelation in a recent appearance on the Glasov Gang production “The Unknown.”

While rapes in the United States are punished through the judicial system, it’s different in Islamic countries, she said.

“If this (a rape) were about to happen in the Islamic Republic of Iran, well, it couldn’t happen,” Cyrus said. “I’ll tell you why: there’s no such a word as rape. None.”

“Because to their eyes,” Cyrus continued, “if it happened between a wife and a husband, there’s no such a thing as rape, because the wife is the man’s property. She does not get to say no — or yes.

“Now, if it happens to just a girl or a woman by a stranger or someone who’s not married to them — again, it cannot happen. Because it was her fault. She seduced him.”

Cyrus said she wasn’t allowed to talk about her sexual assault, adding that “if government or police would know about it, I would be punished by 95 lashes.”

And that’s not the cruelest part.

“If my family would know about it,” Cyrus continued, “I would be punished because I was shame to them.”

Cyrus then had a brutal message for President Barack Obama and his Islamophilic attitude.

“What I am trying to tell you … watch Obama say, ‘Let there be no doubt that Islam is part of America,’” Cyrus said. “Well, I want you to know — let there be no doubt (that) raping your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter is part of Islam.

“So now, if you accept that, great. Let’s all agree with Obama. And if you don’t — well, do something.”

This is what Obama and other apologists for the Muslim world fail to recognize: the appalling and completely consistent treatment of women.

Whether it comes to rape, forbidding women to drive or leave the house without permission, or the monstrous act of female circumcision, anyone who sticks up for the inherent goodness of Islam sticks up for all of those. And if you don’t believe me, believe Anni Cyrus. She can tell you firsthand what fundamentalist Islam has done to women throughout the world.

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