Barefoot Girl Wanders Down Busy Highway… Driver Sees and Follows Her to Find Disturbing Scene


A treacherous roadway and a sleepy driver is often a recipe for a life-changing accident that can tear families apart.

Sometimes, though, God steps in and takes care of business, which is exactly what happened when this driver who was cruising along a highway bordered by trees and steep embankments suddenly came upon a barefoot little girl wildly waving her hands for help.

The girl, 5-year-old Lexi Shymanski, lead the driver to the scene of a horrible accident. Lexi’s mother, Angela, and her infant baby brother had just been involved in a terrible accident that forced their car to take a dive off a 40-foot, rocky cliff.

Angela had nodded off while playing lullaby songs for her children, which caused her to momentarily lose control of her vehicle.

The violent crash, which temporarily rendered little Lexi unconscious, didn’t stop her from the heroic actions she would take next to make sure her baby brother and mom, who was hunched over the steering wheel, would be saved.

Lexi scaled the 40-foot cliff, with bare feet — a task that takes trained rescue personnel piles of specialized equipment. When Lexi arrived at the top of the cliff and returned to the roadway, she flagged down the driver.

And by the grace of God, he was a paramedic.

When he arrived at the crash scene, the paramedic was able to quickly determine that Angela’s back was broken and that moving her without the proper equipment would have caused additional injuries. He immediately called for help, and a life flight helicopter was sent to rescue the family.

Lexi’s baby brother was found to have a brain bleed at the hospital, but thanks to Lexi’s bravery in the face of danger, she was able to flag down help fast enough to get him treated.

Angela suffered multiple broken bones in her body, including her back, but is recovering just fine (H/T Mad World News).

The paramedic driver was placed on that road for a reason and Lexi was given the strength to do the unthinkable for a 5-year-old. When asked what made her climb the cliff, she said, “I thought, ‘What would Mommy say if she was awake … Mommy would say go get help.’”

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