Backlash Builds Against Recount As Hecklers, Twitter Users, Tee Off On Stein


Although Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein insisted Monday that her recount effort was really “what makes America great,” at least one heckler at the news conference she held outside Trump Tower had a different slant.

“Jill Stein is a common criminal,” called out one of the pro-Trump protesters watching Stein defend the recount effort that has so far resulted in changing very little.

Another group of Trump supporters sang, “We are the champions!”

Twitter users also heaped criticism on Stein for a recount that few expect to result in any significant changes.

Stein, however, insisted the recount was essential.

“This is about ensuring that all votes are counted and that voters can trust the system. We will not give into legal intimidation and bureaucratic obstruction,” Stein said Monday at her high-profile news conference.

She said that she was suspicious of the vote totals in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania without giving any supporting evidence.

“Let every vote count,” she said. “That’s what makes America great,” she said.

The recount effort has brought Stein more attention and money than she ever received prior to the election.

The fund-raising effort for the recounts orchestrated through the Green Party website has brought in a little over $7 million, roughly twice what she raised in the campaign. Although Stein has said the money will fund the recount, the website has said it may be used for other expenses.

The recount campaign has also created a vast donor list that Stein could use for future campaigns, or which could be a marketable resource for the Green Party.

Recounts are already under way in Wisconsin and Michigan. Stein is seeking a federal court order to compel Pennsylvania to conduct a recount.

Although the Clinton campaign is a participant in the process, it has acknoweldged there is little hope of changing the outcome.

Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager for President-elect Donald Trump, has called upon Stein to “give it up.”

“Even your friends in the Clinton campaign have admitted that these recounts will not change any results,” Conway said.

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