Her Baby Stopped Breathing. Mom Makes Quick Decision Not to Go to ER, It Saved His Life


You’re the mom of newborn twins, just two months old. It’s wintertime, and much to your dismay, your infant son catches his first cold.

You know that anytime a newborn is sick, their health needs to be closely monitored. Things can turn from bad to worse very quickly when it comes to a newborn’s brand-new immune system.

This in mind, you load your baby into the car and begin the 20-minute journey from your rural town to the pediatrician’s office. But to your horror, you realize that you’re not going to make it to the doctor: your son has stopped breathing.

Carisa Young, mother of two-month-old Jaiden Prewitt and his twin sister, felt the terror rise in her heart when she realized Jaiden had stopped breathing. The nearest hospital was too far away, and it would take emergency personnel much too long to reach her rural Tennessee location.

Young quickly thought of the local school, Grand Junction Elementary School. If the school had a nurse, Young reasoned, her baby could be helped right away.

“I was scared. I didn’t know what was going on. I was scared,” Young recalled. “I mean, it was my baby.”
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Young burst into the school office where Principal Linda Buggs immediately took action. The school nurse was not in that day, so Buggs called for her CPR-certified teachers and staff to come to the office.

“She was very distraught,” Buggs said, referring to the baby’s mother. “I called 911, called the crisis team down, and we performed CPR on the baby.”

The school’s crisis team regularly attend monthly training drills to handle emergencies, but they never expected to be treating a newborn baby. The crisis team remained calm and used an AED machine to revive the baby’s heart and performed CPR to get the baby breathing again. It took two tries before Jaiden was breathing on his own again.

Baby Jaiden was rushed to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Although doctors did find congestion in the baby’s lungs, they weren’t certain why he stopped breathing.

Young is overwhelmed with gratitude for the quick-thinking principal and staff at Grand Junction Elementary. “They got my baby back breathing,” Young said. “I was so grateful. I am still grateful, because God is not done with my son.”

Buggs is proud of the teachers and staff who saved Jaiden’s life. “This is the best Christmas present you can ever get right here,” Buggs expressed. “It feels absolutely wonderful.”

The teachers are scheduled to be honored at the Tennessee state capitol in Jan. 2017. But despite this external show of gratitude, no one can top Young’s gratitude towards those who saved the life of her child, ensuring that this would still be a Christmas full of cheer!

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