Baby Found in Dump, after Animals Eat Her Nose. After Adoption, Surgeon Gives Free Transformation

Baby Found in Dump after Animals Eat Her Nose After Adoption Surgeon Gives Free Transformation

“I believe that love matters most so I try to spread more love.” The statement comes from Kristen Williams, a teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has a heart for adoption the size of India.

Williams has adopted two little girls from India who have endured trauma that no human should have to face. Under their mother’s loving, faithful care, both girls are blossoming into confident young women with bright futures ahead.

Williams has never married, but she refused to accept the notion that a single parent should not adopt. She forged ahead, applying for grants, fundraising, and completing tedious paperwork to bring her first daughter home.

Williams was heartbroken as she scrolled down through photo after photo of children in India who needed a home. She found herself fixated on a particular 5-year-old girl named Munni, feeling her heart fill with compassion for the child.

“I suddenly felt this pull for this little girl. Her name was Munni and she was just 5 years old at the time,” Williams said. “I don’t know what it was but we connected. I just knew she was my daughter, I felt we had to be together and I got the ball rolling.”

Williams brought Munni home to the United States in 2013, celebrating God’s faithfulness in uniting their family. Munni was shy and reserved, with prominent physical scars on her head and emotional scars written on her heart.

Later that year, Williams saw a photo of another little girl from India, a baby who had literally been tossed in the trash. Indian police found the baby clinging to life, her nose eaten away, likely by insects or stray dogs.

Nobody would adopt the baby, Roopa, because of her facial deformity. But Williams instantly knew that this little girl was meant to be in her family, too.

“I knew at first sight that she was perfect for my family and decided to adopt her as my daughter,” Williams told Times Of India. “Like all children, she deserves a family she can call her own. For me, she has no deformity.”

When popular television show The Doctors heard this family’s incredible adoption story, they knew they had to help. The Doctors paired each girl with highly-skilled, compassionate surgeons to bring a little physical healing to their bodies and souls.

The powerful video reveals what the sisters look like now, with Munni’s scars visibly reduced and Roopa’s new prosthetic nose. Williams told her girls that their physical transformation is another step to leaving their pasts behind and focusing on their promising futures.

Currently, the Williams family is preparing to add a third sister to the mix, as they travel to India to adopt a little girl named Mohini, and bring her to her forever home.

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