Baby Boy Born with All White Hair. Then Doctor Says Baby Isn’t Albino, Reveals Truth behind Hair

Baby Boy Born with All White Hair Then Doctor Says Baby Isnt Albino Reveals Truth behind Hair

A baby boy born in 2015 still has social media talking about his special features. The little guy, who was born in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, came into the world with a head full of hair.

Baby Bence was born on time and as expected weighing 5400 grams (11.90496 pounds). Nurses in the maternity ward nicknamed him “Prince Charming,” not only because of his adorable little face, but also because of his snow-white hair!

He had everyone mesmerized the day he was born, and yet, physicians say he is not albino. According to one doctor, the color of the infant’s hair was harmless and “not a sign of illness or prenatal stress.”

Bence’s skin showed no indication of abnormal amounts of melanin, so doctors believed it was just a temporary pigmentation disorder. According to Daily News Hungry, doctors decided to have “His blood sample examined in Budapest because of the special pigment shortage.”

Although there is no update on Bence’s current condition, experts said his hair would most likely eventually darken as he ages. Users on Shared’s Facebook page reviewed the story and just can’t seem to stop debating about the child’s health condition.

Some have disagreed with the doctors and believe his white-colored hair to be a sign of early albinism. A few commenters gave their personal account on the disorder:

“It can be an indication of albinism … It may look really pretty but could be bad for the child. It can be under diagnosed. One of my grandchildren has yellow albinism. It was brought to our attention by the eye doctor when he was 2. He is now 12 and is considered legally blind.”

“Uh there is different types of albinism, my daughter was born with hair like that, guess what she has dirty blonde hair now and has some pigment but she has albinism,” said another. Some consider this completely normal.

“My little girls hair was white when she was born and very thick like [this],” shared a commenter, “it still is white and keeps getting thicker. She was tested for albinism and has genetics tests ran on her and she is perfectly normal!”

Bence’s unique hair is similar to another story of a baby born in 2016. Little MilliAnna has a streak of white hair, but her unusual feature is due to genetics.

The trait has been passed down through several generations. Her mother, Brianna Worthy, grandmother, and great-grandmother all have the same birthmark. She discovered that the distinctive, colorless patch was a sign of Poliosis, a condition where hair has a decrease or absence in color.

According to an article by lifestyle website Livestrong, white hair in children is usually associated with genetics. Other times, it can be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency, mutant hair cells, and numerous diseases or disorders.

Hopefully Bence’s gorgeous hair strands are nothing more than a case of hereditary blessings. It looks like this Prince Charming is going to melt the hearts of a lot of ladies when he gets older!

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