Austria To Enact Ban On Gun Purchases By Migrants


Austrian legislators have proposed amendment changes to the nation’s Weapons Act that would effectively ban illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from purchasing firearms.

“(F)oreigners living in Austria (will) only (be) allowed to acquire … a weapon if they have a permanent right of residence in the EU,” read a translation of a news briefing published Wednesday by the Internal Committee of the National Council.

According to an analysis by Breitbart, the rules changes would also “ban legal migrants and accepted refugees” from obtaining a firearm until their residency period within Austria has eclipsed five years.

In addition to prohibiting potentially dangerous illegals from obtaining weapons, the changes would also grant police forces in Austria more gun rights, permitting them to acquire weapons with up to a 9 mm caliber without needing to apply for a private license.

All in all, Austria was doing exactly what many in the United States hoped future President Donald Trump would do: weakening gun-control laws for rightful citizens but strengthening them for those who were in the country either illegally or on a temporary basis.

The nation was also sending a clear message to the European Union, which has a history of trying to force member states to coddle migrants and asylum seekers. But by no means was this the first time that Austria had taken a strong position against the EU.

In October, the country’s interior minister “called for more and swifter deportations of failed asylum seekers,” as reported at the time by Russia’s Sputnik news agency, despite the EU having threatened to impose stiff financial penalties on nations refusing to accept refugees.

Apparently, not every member state planned to follow the EU’s draconian demands, the potential repercussions notwithstanding. Good.

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