Army Spec. Ops Doc From Lebanon Is Lib Nightmare…Absolutely Levels Their Arguments Against Trump’s Immigration Ban

Army Spec Ops Doc From Lebanon Is Lib Nightmare Absolutely Levels Their Arguments Against Trumps Immigration Ban

The liberal media and the useful idiots who adhere to their every word as if it were the gospel have collectively lost their minds over executive orders by President Donald Trump that temporarily halted immigration from seven terror-prone nations and temporarily suspended the refugee resettlement program.

Even though CNN posted direct transcripts of the executive orders, it’s obvious that most people haven’t read them, as there is an abundance of misinformation and outright falsehood being spread by the media about the orders, such as insinuating that it is a “Muslim ban” or that it is a blanket ban that will negatively affect innocent people already granted permission to reside in America.

Neither of those statements is true.

The blatant dishonesty from the media compelled a former medical officer of the U.S. Special Forces who has spent time in the Middle East to essentially declare war on the liberal narrative, which he characterized as nothing more than “alternative facts” or “fake news,” as the media have grown fond of saying.

Dr. Omar Hamada wrote on his Facebook page, “Many on the left are decrying President Trump’s executive order of a temporary 90-day hold on entry of citizens of 7 predominantly Muslim countries which harbor and promote radicalism, and a 120-day hold on entry of refugees, by stating that not a single foreign citizen/immigrant has perpetrated a terrorist act in the United States.

“They also now label this as a ‘Muslim ban’ when all together, this actually only accounts for less than 10 percent of all Muslims,” he explained. “They also state that not a single terrorist attack occurred on our shores during President Obama’s entire term.”

You can see his post here:

“These are what we call ‘alternative facts’ or ‘false news’ where people blatantly lie hoping that if their flagrant mistruths are repeated often enough, people will actually believe them,” he continued.

After listing a couple of recent examples of Islamic terror perpetrated in America by Islamic immigrants, such as the Boston Marathon bombing and the San Bernardino massacre, Hamada duly noted, “The threat is real. Stepping back to assure we’ve got our ducks in a row is not extreme. It is wise.”

“We are not banning Muslims. We are not banning immigrants. We are not banning refugees,” he explained. “We are placing a short temporary three-four month hold on refugees and travelers from seven radical Muslim countries which harbor and promote anti-US terrorism so that a new administration can assure our safety from a repeatedly proven threat to our nation.

“I’m simply surprised that Pakistan wasn’t on the list,” he added.

Finally, Hamada included a reminder for those folks who insist that what Trump has done is an incredibly terrible and unprecedented act, noting, “Obama did it for 6 months in 2011. Carter did it in 1979. So let’s chill and shore up our foundation, then reopen our gates judiciously.”

This man, the son of Lebanese immigrants, a former Army lieutenant colonel and now a medical director of the Maury Regional Medical Center emergency department outside Nashville, Tennessee, is an incredibly well-educated person with more actual life experience than most in the media could ever collectively dream about, and he really knows what he is talking about.

It would be nice if the media and their loyal followers would listen to Hamada’s advice and “chill” for the moment, but considering many remain on the verge of a perpetual meltdown daily, that sadly seems unlikely at this point.

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