“Armored Gunmen” Create Chaos in Texas Border Town

Armored Gunmen Create Chaos in Texas Border Town

The lack of law enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border has led to a flood of drugs pouring into the United States, along with the criminals who ship and distribute them.

It is widely documented that Mexican drug cartels have preyed on American citizens, and there has been a spike in crime in various towns and cities that sit along the southern border.

A home invasion Tuesday in the border town of Pharr, Texas, was being investigated for possible ties to smuggling after two gunmen with body armor stormed into a home, shot a man and a teenage boy, and demanded money, Breitbart reported.

As of Thursday morning there was no evidence that the crime was cartel-related. However, your ordinary home invader doesn’t usually wear body armor. Either these were some well-funded burglars, or they were cartel members.

KVEO reported that the victims were hospitalized, but their condition was not immediately known.

You can watch a short news story about the robbery here.

There were some conflicting reports about the crime, as there often are in these cases. KRGV reported that police were looking for three gunmen, not two, and that the two victims were recovering in the hospital.

It is entirely possible that this was simply a random home invasion, but police have documented that drug dealers and cartel members will sometimes break into houses that they think are stash houses for other drug smugglers in order to steal drugs and money.

In any case, violence along the Mexican border has destroyed far too many lives for us to continue to turn a blind eye to it. Hopefully, President Donald Trump can get his wall built quickly and stem the crime associated with a porous border.

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Source: conservativetribune.com