Armed Robber Shot in Chest by Subway Employee


A street criminal aiming to pick up some easy money instead found himself in the gun sights of a Subway employee who wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

It was not a profitable experience for the thug, Pittsburgh police reported.

According to WPXI, the thug burst into a Subway restaurant on Pittsburgh’s bustling East Carson Street about 8 a.m. Friday, brandished what turned out to be a BB gun, and demanded money from store employees. Unfortunately for the thief, but luckily for the restaurant, one of the threatened employees turned out to have a concealed weapons permit – and was carrying a very real 9 mm Glock.

“One of the employees who has a concealed-carry permit and has a firearm apparently felt threatened for him and the other employees in the store, and shot the [robber] at least once,” Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Emily Schaffer told the station.

Check out the WPXI report here.

The gunman, identified as 47-year-old Calving Smith, was hit at least once, but still managed to crawl out through a window of the restaurant that was broken during the robbery, WPXI reported.

He made it to a waiting Mercedes Benz, where a man and woman drove him to a local hospital, the station reported.

Smith was treated at Allegheny Regional Hospital for wounds to his neck, chest and abdomen, WPXI reported.

The couple who picked Smith up after the robbery were located when state police trooper spotted their vehicle, which had been described by witnesses, outside a home in another part of the city. The couple told police they had given Smith a ride, but didn’t know he was on his way to commit a robbery.

They said he made a phone call from their car on the way to the hospital, telling someone he’d been shot.

The man and woman were detained, but it wasn’t clear whether they would be charged in the incident, according to WTAE. 

The Subway employee who shot the bungling criminal was not identified in the media, but workers at neighboring businesses said they were glad he was around – with the Glock at the ready, and the Second Amendment on his side.

“I believe he did what he had to do to protect his co-workers in there, and if there was any customers in there, I’m not aware of,” a cook at a restaurant nearby told WTAE. “He took care of business. He had to do what he had to do.”

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