Archaeologists Discover King Solomon-Era Fort in Israel

Archaeologists Discover King Solomon-Era Fort in Israel

Despite the number of wars and conflicts that have wracked the Middle East for decades, archaeologists have continued to unearth amazing artifacts, and in some cases whole buildings, from biblical times all throughout the Middle East.

One of the latest finds in Israel was a military fort from the era of King Solomon. This find was exceptionally well preserved by the very dry atmosphere in its desert environment, Fox News reported.

“When we uncovered the stables, the material was so well preserved and ‘fresh’ that we could not believe it is 3,000 years old,” explained Erez Ben-Yosef, a leader of the excavation.

This new find also lent some credence to the passages in the Bible referencing wars between David and the Edomites — something historians have debated for years.

“Until now we didn’t have evidence for military conflicts in the copper mines of Timna at this period,” Ben-Yosef explained. “Moreover, they are in accord with the biblical accounts depicting wars between David and the Edomites who inhabited this region.”

Israel National News noted that this fort also suggested “long-distance connections” existed in the Mediterranean during the time of King Solomon.

The exact dating of this remarkable find may be up in the air for some time, Haaretz noted. The carbon dating of the items found at the site could be disputed by historians, and when dating things back thousands of years, some amount of error is to be expected.

Solomon fort

“Our 10th century date is tentative, pending further study of the ceramic assemblage and the results of carbon 14 analyses. Others may claim that the pottery we are calling 10th century is in fact 9th century,” explained Dr. Sam Wolff, co-director of the dig.

Archaeologists are constantly finding ruins throughout Israel that date back to the Old Testament, each one of which lends additional credibility to the biblical account.

It is always fascinating to read about one of these finds, and to realize that there are probably even more ancient remains just waiting to be unearthed out in the desert. Who knows what they will find next!

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