Anti-Trump Resistance Just Released Their True Goal; It’s VERY BAD

Anti-Trump Resistance Just Released Their True Goal Its VERY BAD

The leftists and anarchists behind most of the violence you see during the anti-Trump protests are carefully planned and stated to achieve one dark and evil purpose: To make America “ungovernable.”

The protesters will do whatever it takes to thwart Donald Trump from enacting his agenda. They are willing to destroy property, assault law enforcement and even attack their fellow citizens.

The violence nationwide on Inauguration Day was just the beginning. There, they smashed windows, assaulted bystanders, and torched a limo (owned by a Muslim immigrant, ironically).

The group called itself DisruptJ20, an anarchist group that began planning their violent activities weeks in advance. They posted on social media invitations to “join us in refusing to normalize Trump’s presidency, smashing his facade of legitimacy.”

They claim license to attack anyone they disagree with, under the guise that they are fascists or neo-Nazis.

On their website, they advocate “direct action” tactics, which they describe as taking “collective action to make social change without giving power over to an authority or middle person.”

“We don’t ask permission or put our faith in electoral politics, instead, we use our bodies to stop the smooth operation of the system we oppose,” the group’s website states, citing Black Lives Matter’s efforts to shut down highways as an example of the kind of disruption they have in mind. The group is open about its aim to become “an ungovernable force this winter.”


These protests have spread nationwide, including an anti-Trump protest in Seattle where an activist said we should “start killing people,” and a protest at Berkeley last week where bricks and rocks were thrown and police and the public was assaulted during a riot against conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.

Those protests were spear-headed by a national group calling themselves Refuse Fascism. The group is open about its apparent alliance with Princeton professor and DNC platform committee member Cornel West, who is listed as one of Refuse Fascism’s “initiators.” A spokesperson for West did not return a request for comment.

Video posted to Refuse Fascism’s Facebook page last week features one of the group’s leaders whipping a throng of protesters into a frenzy with calls of revolution. “We need to make this country ungovernable,” she declares. “We need to do what the German people should have done when Hitler was elected.”

This group and others are loosely affiliated and consider themselves the “antifa” or “anti-fascists. Their goal is to become “ungovernable,” declare “war” on the establishment, and create absolute chaos.

“We won this night. We will control the streets. We will liberate the land. We will fight fascists. We will dismantle the state,” Occupy Oakland captioned the photo. “This is war.”

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