Anti-Trump Republicans Just Got Some Very Bad News They Weren’t Expecting


In a pushback against the defections of several high-profile Republicans who have declined to support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, a Facebook page called Vote Out Every Republican That Opposes Trump is serving as a rallying point for those who plan to support Trump and take political vengeance on those who do not.

“I will not support any candidate is who is not supporting and endorsing the party’s nominee. I am urging all fellow Republicans to do the same,” said Diana Orrock, a Republican National Committeewoman from Nevada who said she would withdraw her support from GOP Senate candidate Joe Heck over his rejection of Trump due to language Trump used in a leaked video.

On Friday, a 2005 video was leaked showing Trump using vulgar language to talk about women. After the video was released, many Republicans withdrew their support from Trump, with some calling for him to be replaced on the ballot.

That reaction sparked an intense backlash, noted Demetra DeMonte, an RNC committeewoman from Illinois.

“When I received calls and folks were upset about the language — they were more upset that their elected officials were abandoning Trump at the first sight of trouble,” she said.

“I am extremely disheartened by the candidates and elected officials who have abandoned our nominee. Instead of circling around our candidate when the going gets tough, some Republicans chose to abandon them — circling instead like vultures,” said DeMonte.

She shared an email she sent to all members of the RNC, which Monday night said it was remaining behind Trump.

“Yes, Donald Trump used some very inappropriate language. We can all agree on that. I certainly do not condone it. But one thing is sure — he is not the first — nor will he be the last to utter foul language in the privacy of their home or in their locker rooms,” she wrote.

After noting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the language Trump used, DeMonte noted Clinton’s own past use of hurtful words.

“Hillary, the consummate hypocrite, who while First Lady, barraged her own Secret Service detail with unspeakably foul language! The very same men who put their lives on the line for hers! Such hypocrisy!” she said.

DeMonte noted the question is not perfection, but the presidency.

“Mr. Trump may be guilty of uttering foul language — but Hillary is guilty of committing foul deeds — deeds, if she were anyone else, would have resulted in prison time,” she wrote.

Orrock also expressed the case simply.

“If Trump does not win, the Republican Party is over,” Orrock said. “Party members are willing to forsake our nominee, and that means they are willing to have Hillary take the helm.”

“I will resign as RNC committeewoman for Nevada if Trump loses,” Orrock added. “If not endorsing Trump is what the Republican Party stands for, to h–l with the Republican Party.”

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