Anti-Trump Artists Launch Protest About Their Paintings Hanging on Ivanka’s Walls


A pitiful ensemble of whiny, sniveling, moaning liberal snowflakes have thrown a petulant fit because President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, happens to feature their artwork (which she presumably paid for) on the walls of her apartment in New York City.

Led by the Halt Action Group, artists across the nation have embarked on a “Dear Ivanka” campaign to shame the president-elect’s daughter and convince her to intervene on their behalf by speaking out against her father’s proposals, as reported by Bloomberg.

The goal, according to one of Halt Action Group’s founders, art curator Alison Gingeras, was to force Ivanka “to answer for some of the hypocrisy she embodies” by, apparently, demanding she remove artwork she paid for from her living room.

“Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls,” one artist, Alex Da Corte, reportedly wrote on Instagram, as noted by the U.K. Daily Mail. “I am embarrassed to be seen with you.”

The goal also was to change how the art marketplace functions.

“It’s a moment of reckoning,” Gingeras added. “Going forward, we need to think more carefully about how our work gets brought to the world, and who it’s sold to.”

So she wants to discriminate by not selling art to people whose political views do not align with her own? Gee, that sounds about just right for a purportedly tolerant and totally non-hypocritical liberal (sarcasm). And never mind that artists are always complaining about how they’re starving because no one appreciates their work.

According to The Huffington Post, this “Dear Ivanka” campaign has since blossomed into a full-blown movement among the left’s armada of snowflakes, who have reportedly taken to also issuing their own statements to the president-elect’s daughter.

“Dear Ivanka: You must stop the white nationalist appointments to Heir (sic) Trump’s cabinet,” read one presumably written by a 12-year-old.

“Dear Ivanka: I’m afraid of Mike Pence and conversation therapy on kids,” read another.


It was as if these liberals’ brains had been wiped cleaner than than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server.

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