Angela Merkel Stuns Muslims, Calls for Burqa Ban


With national elections approaching rapidly in Germany, it would appear that Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing just about everything she can think of to fend off the rising populist tide among the right in her country that threatens to unseat her.

Despite her adherence to the idea of open borders even though millions of Muslim asylum seekers and migrants have already flooded Europe, it appeared as though Merkel had shifted her stance somewhat away from blatant pandering to now call for a ban on the full-face veils worn by some Muslim women, according to Bloomberg.

The announcement came as she spoke to delegates at her Christian Democratic Union Party convention, where she also stated that she would protect Germany from future waves of mass migration and attempted to portray her party as one of solid stability in an increasingly uncertain world.

Merkel drew cheers and applause from the crowd as she called for a ban on full-face veils, saying, “We show our faces. Full-face covering is not appropriate with us. It should be banned.”

The U.K. Telegraph reported that Merkel said the burqa should be banned “wherever possible” in the country while insisting that there would not be another migrant crisis if she were re-elected.

“German law takes precedence over Shariah,” she proclaimed to wild cheers and ovations. “The full-face veil should be banned, wherever legally possible.”

It was expected that any burqa ban put in place would largely be aimed at those working in civil service, schools and universities, as well as while driving.

As could be expected, Merkel’s comments were met by outrage and cries of “Islamophobia” from Muslims all around the world, even in the United States, according to Fox News.

“We believe everyone should be free to wear the clothing of their choice and that laws targeting the tiny minority of Muslim women who wear face coverings are an expression of increasing Islamophobia in Europe,” stated Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the radical-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“Freedom is about making personal choices, not having a decision imposed on individuals by the state. Growing anti-Muslim bigotry should be repudiated, not pandered to,” the CAIR representative added.

Germany is actually a bit late when it comes to bans on the fully veiled variety of Muslim head coverings, as Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, among countless other small towns and cities across Europe, all have at least partial public bans on burqas in place.

Merkel had previously opposed a burqa ban, but she must realize that a majority of the populace she purportedly governs is in favor of it. Perhaps out of the interest of political self-preservation, she has thus shifted her views on the issue accordingly.

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