Anchors Literally Can’t Hold It Together When Hillary Says She Likes Al Gore


Over the past few weeks, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been having some high-profile surrogates hit the campaign trail for her in an effort to drum up support.

Apparently Clinton has realized she generates so little enthusiasm that she has to outsource her campaigning to other Democrat leaders who are better received.

One of her surrogates was none other than former Vice President Al Gore. At a rally on Oct. 11, Gore and Clinton appeared on stage, where Clinton heaped praise on Gore, calling him a “climate change leader” and an “all around great guy” as she introduced him.

The anchors of Fox Business played that clip, and when it finished and cut back to them, they were all laughing over it. Stuart Varney remarked that there were some emails that “tell a very different story” from what Clinton said on stage.

The emails he was referring to appeared on Wikileaks. The email exchange was between Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s lawyer, over Gore’s refusal to endorse her during the Democrat primaries.

“Hard to put on email but there is no love lost in this relationship,” Abedin wrote. “Reminder that he also refused to endorse in 2008!!!”

So much for being someone Clinton loves hanging out with and would have advise her if she becomes our next president.


It’s amazing what Clinton is willing to forget when her candidacy is on the line. Despite being angry at Gore, Clinton is more than willing to campaign with him because she knows she can’t possibly win without more-popular surrogates like Gore.

If Clinton weren’t so universally loathed, she might actually be able to do what Trump has done — hold rallies that feature only her and still draw tens of thousands of people.

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