Anchor Calls Milo “Flame Thrower,” Humiliated by Video Producers Accidentally Run

Anchor Calls Milo Flame Thrower Humiliated by Video Producers Accidentally Run

An MSNBC anchor unintentionally humiliated herself live on the air Thursday when, while reporting on the riots that had broken out at the University of California at Berkeley a night earlier, she called the victim a “flame thrower.”

That victim was Breitbart editor and conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who had been slated to speak at the university but who had to cancel his event after radical leftist goons swarmed the campus and began stirring up trouble.

Of course, he was not the only victim. Many were affected by the rioters’ abysmal behavior, but in MSNBC anchor Hallie Jackson’s opinion, it was Yiannopoulos who was the bad guy.

There was just one problem with this. Watch the video below and pay attention to what appeared on the screen as Jackson described Yiannopoulos as a “flame thrower”:

Whoops. It turns out that the real flame throwers were the radical leftist hooligans who threw fireworks, pulled down metal barricades and literally set fires outside the building where Yiannopoulos had been slated to speak, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

While dumb, Jackson’s remark about the conservative commentator did exemplify the disingenuous reporting that appears to be running rampant on the left.

After the riots broke out, numerous liberal media outlets reported the fiasco in a fashion that essentially made Yiannopoulos out to be the bad guy and the rioters the good guys. Consider, for instance, this headline from Newsweek: “Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Schooled at Berkeley: Ferocious Protests Greet Right-wing Provocateur.”

Likewise, according to NewsBusters, former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich suggested on CNN Thursday evening that the rioters had been “right-wingers” associated with Breitbart and apparently hired to cause the ruckus.

This sort of rhetoric is more than just patently dishonest; it is also highly inflammatory. What the left is attempting to do is paint themselves as perennial victims who are justified in fighting back against encroaching fascism.

That might make sense if it were true, but it is not. The ones acting out in fascist ways are not Milo Yiannopoulos, supporters of President Donald Trump or conservatives in general.

The ones behaving like fascist goons are those on the left, i.e., MSNBC’s and CNN’s audience.

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