America’s Most Trusted News Network Is Fox, While Least Trusted Is CNN

Americas Most Trusted News Network Is Fox While Least Trusted Is CNN

The 2016 presidential race not only showed America how petty some of our politicians are, it also showed Americans just how low major liberal news media outlets could sink.

A new poll released on Jan. 4 showed that when it came to trusting cable news, Americans had turned against one particular news organization, Rasmussen Reports reported.

In a ranking of which cable news organizations were the most trusted, CNN came dead last. Even MSNBC was more trusted than CNN.

Perhaps most revealing of all was that the poll was conducted among people who watched Fox News, CNN or MSNBC. Of the people who predominantly watch CNN, a measly 33 percent said they trusted the news they were getting.

Even CNN’s own audience doesn’t trust them!

A solid 50 percent of Fox News viewers trusted the news they were getting, and 43 percent of those who watch MSNBC trusted what they were receiving.

When it came to which network was being watched, Fox News was once again on top with 42 percent. CNN came in second with 35 percent, and MSNBC brought up the rear with 19 percent.

I wouldn’t be surprised if after the last day or so of CNN pushing an absurd fake news story about the Russians having compromising information about President-elect Donald Trump, CNN’s numbers fall even more.

Throughout the 2016 election CNN made it very clear it was out to make sure that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won — a fact that was demonstrated through numerous leaked emails that WikiLeaks posted showing collaboration between CNN employees and the Clinton campaign.

CNN really needs to wake up and realize that the American people are sick and tired of the obvious bias. No one has a problem with a news organization asking the president-elect tough questions, but publishing obvious fake news is crossing a very serious line.

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